About European Football School

About Us

Developing Canadian and B.C. soccer talents since 1999.

European Football School (EFS) has rapidly earned an enviable reputation as a Soccer School of excellence. At EFS we have set out a European Soccer fitness philosophy with a well-structured program of technical and tactical skills developed by EFS the coaches.

The coaching staff of EFS have both the experience and ability for players developing their skills. In joining the Year Round Program (YRP), you can be assured of reaching the highest standards as well as a deep understanding of all aspects of the game. EFS welcomes boys and girls from ages 7-19 years, regardless of ability or level of play. EFS has experience working with youth soccer associations and individual teams developing team tactics and individual skills of players.

The EFS Year Around Program currently provides1.5/ 2 hour training sessions over one or two days per week. The development of young athletes at EFS is crucial. Our philosophy is explanation, demonstration, observation, and correction. We would say that at EFS we have the best demonstration and correction in the country. Repetition is one of the most important parts of working with young athletes. One of our main objectives at EFS is to not only produce players of outstanding ability but also work with these young people to help them build character and become quality human beings.