EFS soccer summer camps across BC

EFS soccer summer camps across BCFirst European Football School camp was in world famous tourist destination Whistler. It was 12 years of EFS summer camp in this town as a usually very good attendance and lots of kids from all over the world: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, England, Philippine, Spain, Germany, UAE..

EFS soccer summer camps across BCThird camp was in Vancouver, organized by EFS, EFS parents, Ray Cam and Strathcona Comunity Centre.
This was EFS scholarship camp for kids in this part of Vancouver, well organized and run at new soccer facilities cal Trillium.
Thank you to Linda De Cinatis from Ray Cam and Ron Suzuki from Stratcona community rec. centre.
We would like to thanks to all EFS parents that support this camp but special thanks to Drew Hoyl and his CIBC Children's Miracle Foundation that support this program.

EFS soccer summer camps across BCIt has been 9 years that EFS have been having summer camp in Kamloops. This camp was on of best regarding attendees but also quality of players in each age group. Indeed there were lots of very good soccer players in both sessions morning and afternoon. Thank you to Marnie Olson for great promotion, John Antulov and Chris Hansen sports.

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