EFS sent five teams to compete in Kamloops’ KYSA Slurpee Cup this 2013 May Victoria Day long weekend. It was a challenge to put full teams together as many of our EFS players were lost to a combination of injury, and obligations to Provincial and other high level teams. Fortunately, we were able to include guest EFS players from out of town (Salmon Arm, Quesnel, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Edmonton, and Red Deer), and their inclusion complemented our teams greatly.

Teams were led by coaches Saibo Talic, Amar Talic, and Igor Matic, and with assistance from parent coaches, Craig Chila (U15 Boys) and Dale Venekamp (U12 Boys), the EFS teams competed well all weekend. Thank you to these two parent coaches- your assistance was greatly needed and appreciated.

EFS acknowledges and thanks the following EFS parents for their incredible organization and leadership as Team Managers of our 5 teams. They did a standup job.

U12 Boys –Azmina Ahamed & Maria Cook
U14 Boys – John Wark
U15 Boys – Ashlee Lewis
U18 Boys – Cyndi Gerlach
U18 Girls – Larisa Talic (not EFS parent (yet?))

U18 parent, Dr. John Mawson, was fairly busy during the 3 days, assessing and tending to our players’ aches, pains, and injuries. Thank you so much, Dr. Mawson – your expertise was so very much appreciated. We hope that U18 players Bruno Marihno, & Conor O’Callaghan and other injured players recover quickly.

On Saturday evening all teams and parents attended a BBQ held at the Thompson Rivers University Central Rez to relax and share news of the days’ play. The effort of all the Team Managers made this year’s BBQ pretty well planned and executed. Extra Kudos to Cyndi Gerlach, Larisa Talic and Laura Wetaski or their efforst the night of the BBQ, and with great assistance from many EFS parents things hummed along all evening. What a great way to bring our EFS families together.


U12 Boys
This year’s team was a young U12 team, led by U12 players, Cruz Scott, Tyler Venekamp, Nicky Vaux, Lucas Mehling, Chris Waters, and Alex Levan, with the balance of players, U11 and U10, rounding out the squad. This young team played extremely well in their strong pool winning 3 games in round robin play, only to lose in the final match. Well done boys.

U14 Boys
We thought this team was to be one of our strongest contenders in this tournament, with nine U14 Players, Gabriel Morales, Evan Wark, Reid Davidson, Masen Fernandes, Jack Fawcett, Scott Cramer, Sinan Zuckanovic, Diego Carrera, and Max Oldendorff leading the team onto the field. However, the team which was rounded out with eight U13 players had to settle for 4 losses. We expect this team will certainly be back next year to try to improve on those results.

U15 Boys
This established U15 team was placed in a very strong pool of 5 teams. They won 2 matches and lost 2 matches to finish in 3rd place overall. They did not perform as strongly as expected in their opening match against a very strong Edmonton team, and in the 1st half against Kamloops. Had they played Edmonton further on in the schedule, this team’s result swould have been much different according to Saibo.
U15 Boys - Kamloops 2013

U18 Boys
The U18 boys team gelled as a team and surprised everyone with their quality of soccer, despite many of these players meeting for the first time in Kamloops. They won 3 games and tied 1. The final match ended in a tie and was decided on penalty shots with EFS coming out on top 5 – 3. Particularly strong performances were noted by Alex Gulycz, Bikram Minhas, Anel Hodzic, Amel Hodzic, Derek Scott, and guest players, Haris, and Turner Johnson. Congratulations on the Championship Win.
U15 Boys - Kamloops 2013

U18 Girls
This was our surprise team this year. We lost 7 players from our original lineup to injury and the last minute commitments of 3 players to the BC Provincial Team. Despite this, the team rallied and placed 2nd in the tournament, winning 1 game, tying 2, and losing in the final. Both tied games were the results of penalty shots awarded to the opposition in the last minute of each game. This squad performed much better than expected considering the makeup of the team was very young. 2 players were U14, many were U15, U16 and U17 players, and rounding out the team were U18 players, Petra Stastny, Tash Perovich, Rachel Murray, Andie Smith, Shayla Smith, Elenna Sweet, and Nicole McBratney. Thanks are extended to alumni player, Delaney Hoyle U19 for slotting into the centre of our line up. We acknowledge the strong performances of Nicola Mawson (7 goals), Petra (defender), Emily Nakajima (2 goals), and Delaney.
We would like to acknowledge the tremendous support of all our parents who attended the tournament and who really worked together to ensure our players played well and had a great time playing soccer with their team mates.
U18 Girls - Kamloops 2013